Lao Silk

Saoban’s weaving groups create a wide range of woven silk products that are hand spun, hand dyed, and then intricately woven on hand-made wooden looms by women in rural villages. Saoban promotes the use of natural dyes extracted from plants and other organic matter.

Below is a selection of  silk products currently available at Saoban. For pricing and detailed information, download Saoban Product Catalogue

Thick Sulaboul scarf

Sulaboul scarves are comprised of bands of thick and thin silk. The sulaboul thread comes from the outer layer of the cocoon. It's the thickest and naturally softest thread.

Thin Sulaboul scarf

A combination of raw and fine Lao silk of contrasting colours, hand woven to produce a modern striped design. Hand dyed with natural dyes, available in four colour varieties.

Narrow, traditional Lao silk scarves

Hand woven silk scarves made from traditional indigenous Lao silk. Hand dyed with natural dyes from sources such as jackfruit tree, indigo leaf and rice paddy mud. Available in a range of colours.

Rainbow ikat silk scarf

Diamond end silk scarf

Silk Sulaboul Scarf

Silk Scarf Loom 7


For pricing and detailed information click here for downloading our product catalogue

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